Our Story

It was a Friday afternoon, but she was not looking forward to the weekend.

I was there to help her get ready, but I saw her exhausted and depressed by yet another night shift. 

She questioned whether it is all worth it. Long hours, stress, and not being appreciated.  

She was burned out. 

As her husband, I was devastated and felt powerless. 

If there was only something I could do to make her feel better …

I wanted to make her feel valued. I wanted to make her life easier as a doctor. I would do anything I could to see her smile again. 

That is how Hippo was born.

Hippo is for every healthcare professional in the world.

We understand the challenges you face and the sacrifices you make, every single day. We want to celebrate your work and thank you for the impact you make to people’s lives. We want to let you know …

We care about you. 

Now it is our turn to care for the carers.

Daniel L
Tokyo, Japan 2022

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